Koll for pbg archive

From 2009 to mid-2015, Koll Guitars was affiliated with the Premier Builders Guild. PBG licensed the designs for our Glide series and Troubadour models, and built these guitars in California under the supervision of Gene Baker, former head of Gibson's custom shop. PBG manufactured approximately 500 Koll instruments, and sold them via dealers internationally. During this period, Saul concentrated on custom work and experimentation in his workshop. 

In 2015 we ended our licensing arrangement with PBG, and brought all manufacturing back to Portland. 

PBG-built guitars are identifiable by one or both of these features:

  • Serial number written in black ink on back of headstock
  • "Made in Arroyo Grande" decal on back of headstock

We are extremely proud of the work done by Gene Baker and his team on these guitars, and we stand behind them 100%. 

About Relics: PBG offered many Koll models with "relic-ed" distressed finishes to simulate decades of playwear. We do not offer this option now. If you want to relic your Koll after you purchase it (either the fake way, or the old fashioned way by playing the hell out of it) by all means, go for it.