A New P-90!

Here's something we're really excited about: a new exclusive pickup! It's a collaboration between Saul Koll and Rob Timmons at Arcane Pickups, a custom wound P-90 with "a little more hair on it" as Saul puts it. We haven't decided what we're officially calling these yet (K-90? KP-90? P-town?) but they'll be in the new Junior Glides and Junior Glide Specials we're introducing next month. They feature Alnico 3 magnets and are custom wound on a vintage winding machine. These pickups are tuned to Koll instruments by Saul's ears,

We'll be cranking these up through some Satellite Amplifiers at the NAMM convention in January, booth E1385. We can't wait to post some demos of what these babies sound like. More details soon!