Our NAMM Guitars: Where to get them

Our 2016 NAMM guitars are on the way to a handful of our stellar dealers. Some are already spoken for, but here's where they went:

(left to right)

2016 Duo Glide "Bigsby" - Austin Guitar House - 512-243-6036

This Paul Bigsby-inspired 2016 Duo Glide features two handmade Summertone pickups from fantastic builder TK Smith, a Bigsby B-5, Schaller Tune-o-matic, birdseye maple top and back, chambered mahogany body, maple neck, walnut headstock veneer, bakelite pickguard and custom Koll knobs, and a rosewood board with bowtie inlays.

2016 Duo Glide "Silvertone Red" - Chicago Music Exchange - 773-525-7773

Inspired by the cheap/cool '60s guitars by Silvertone and Harmony, this one's got triple Curtis Novak gold foils, a birdseye maple top with a thin nitro finish, rosewood fretboard with pearl thumb inlays, a Bigsby B-5, "new primitive" F-hole, Macassar ebony headstock veneer with our new logo inlayed in pearloid, custom Koll clear knobs, and Schaller keystones.

2016 Junior Glide "Triple Black" - Old Town Music - 503-295-6808

Triple Arcane Koll KP-90s, solid mahogany, rosewood fretboard, black chrome Schaller Signum wraparound bridge and black Schaller open back tuners. Black Koll knobs. For a while we were planning on going with a black pickguard and calling this one "None More Black" but somehow this beef jerky guard slipped in and made things more interesting.

2016 Super Glide Almighty "Triple Christians" - The Music Emporium - 781-860-0049

Triple Charlie Christian style pickups from Vintage Vibe, a gorgeous carved bigleaf maple top with a hand-rubbed oil finish, chambered mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood board with "euro" inlays, a Bigsby B-5, and custom Koll knobs. Tortoise binding on the body, neck, and headstock ties everything together. 

2016 Junior Glide "Porcelain Mint"  - The Music Emporium - 781-860-0049

Two custom Arcane KP-90 pickups, olid mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard. Schaller Signum bridge, Schaller F-series tuners, custom Koll knobs.

2016 Duo Glide "Copper & Gold Leaf"The Music Emporium - 781-860-0049

Gold/copper leaf finish, chambered korina body, maple top, mahogany neck, ebony fretboard, a Schaller Signum wraparound bridge, and TV Jones Setzer Signature Fiter'Trons. Custom translucent pickguard, truss rod cover, and clear Koll knobs put the finishing touches on this creation from the mind and hands of Saul Koll.

We've got another production batch on Saul's workbench, so stay tuned for new guitar unveilings later this month.