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Web development company owned and operated by my friends.

Looking For Elvis
Our close friend Ron Baur is searching the planet for good times and the King.

Buckaroo Records
Buckaroo Records is your best source of original country, bluegrass, southern gospel, western swing, hillbilly, cowboy and outlaw country music. We carry over 20,000 original recordings on vinyl from the 50's through the 90's, by your favorite country artists.

Tom makes some the best electric guitar pickups. They come as standard equipment on all Koll guitars unless stated otherwise.

Musical Instrument Makers Forum
If you ever had any questions or opinions about making and repairing musical instruments, here is the place to go!

Last Regiment Drum Corp
Anachronistic,beautiful,cool, and they ROCK!

Artist Jay Cunningham site
Jay Cunningham is my favorite painter..Check out some of his work.
Frank Ford's guitar repair site keeps growing and growing..There is some really cool stuff here. Check out his field trips !

My good friend David King makes really cool basses. There is much to read and learn at this site. Check it out!

Tapeop magazine
Larry Crane and friends publish this recording magazine. Great articles on how to get great sounds on tape. The music is the main thing here and how to work within your means and what you have is the philosophy. Larry crane is proprietor of JACKPOT! studios where people like Elliott Smith, Chan Marshall,AC Cotton, Luther Russell and countless others more at the site!
Also, check out the links page. There are great resources there.

TonePros Sound Labs
Unique hardware that increases "singing"sustain, "belltone" harmonics, and intonation. Available on most Koll Guitars.
This is great stuff! Order yours with TonePros!

Stephens Design Pickups
Dave "Possum" Stephens not only plays a mean guitar and is an incredibly gifted visual artist, he now makes some fine pickups. I suspect these will be the hot ticket in the future. Contact Dave for info!

Destroy All Guitars
Official dealer for KOLL Guitars.
The only one.

Harvey Thomas website
A loving tribute to the Pacific Northwest Guitar Maker
who did everything his own way.

The Gear Pages
A gear discussion website.
Geek OUT!

The Charms official website
Here is where you can find all kinds of cool music. The site is under construction, so check back often. Go to for a bit of history.

David Torn website
Finally a spot in for this fine artist. magnifico!

Saul Koll grew up in southern California just north of Los Angeles in a town called Newhall. He always had an interest in how things were made and what made things work. While other kids were playing sports, Saul was in the garage taking expensive toys apart and gluing the components into new weird new contraptions. At 12 he started to play the guitar and his compulsive tendencies were then directed to learning the instrument. It was about this time that he found a book on guitar making at the library in Redondo Beach. It was Classic Guitar Construction by Irving Sloan. One of the earliest writings on the subject and as it turns out eventually very influential.(Notice how even at the beach, Saul was at the library!) Saul found the book intriguing but beyond his skills at age 12. He continued his guitar studies and school and all the usual teenage stuff.

Saul studied art at San Diego State University and got his Bachelors degree there. He continued his "contraption" making but it was under the guise of sculpture. It was there at the library where Saul found Sloan's book again. Meanwhile he continued to practice the guitar. Saul played in the highschool jazz ensemble as well as a few rock bands. In 1984 he coformed The Charms, a highly regarded pop rock outfit. Very successful artistically, a profound failure commercially. Nevertheless the band recorded several full -length records, many singles and was featured on a few compilations. The Charms toured a bit as well. The Charms had their last shows in 1995, the same year as the birth of Saul's first child.

Back to the guitar making part. In college Saul had found that book again and was determined to make a real guitar. He purchase some wood from Ed McGlinchy and began making a guitar on his kitchen table. He also did many repairs there. After one of The Charms first tours, Saul got a job at The World of Strings in Long Beach California. It was here under the tutelage of Jon Peterson and Glen Mers that Saul really began to understand how the instrument was put together. It was there that he began making guitars full time. In 1993 Saul and his partner Denise moved to Portland, Oregon. He continues to build great guitars and does some repair and restoration work at The Twelfth Fret there. Saul and Denise have two beautiful daughters.

The Koll Guitar Company was founded in 1990 in Long Beach California. The very first electric guitar was The Super Stretch, a one-off solidbody made for Bill Jennings from the Charms. In 1993 Koll relocated to Portland OR, and continues to produce the finest musical instruments anywhere. In 1995 Koll Guitar company received its first review in a national magazine. With that press, the Glide line was expanded into what we see today. In 1992 the first archtop guitars were made. 2000 brought the Bridgetown series of archtops. Koll guitars will continue to progress and evolve.

In 2009 Koll Guitar Company joined Premier Builders Guild (PBG), a dream team of guitar and amp master builders. Our Glide Series is now available exclusively through PBG. Glide models are designed by Saul Koll and built by PBG master builder Gene Baker at the PBG USA workshop in Arroyo Grande, California. Gene was formerly a master builder at Gibson Custom Shop and a senior master builder at Fender Custom shop. Saul and Gene are in close contact at every stage of the build, to ensure flawless execution.

The PBG partnership makes a master built Koll guitar easily accessible at retail stores, and significantly reduces customer wait times. Ask for the Glide series at PBG Platinum Dealers. If youre a dealer who would like to offer the Glide Series, contact Jimmy Lovinggood, 714-514-0647.

For information on Koll Guitar custom orders please contact Cliff Cultreri (919-552-3047) at Destroy All Guitars.