Arch Tops Specials
Glides Accessories

The accesories we offer are only high quality products worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Currently we offer cases and gigbags on this page, eventually we will have Koll logo straps, shirts, polishing cloths and the like . Check back every so often as we update.

High quality Hardshell Case for guitar | $475.00
We offer the finest from Cedar Creek. These are some of the finest arch top cases we've ever seen. Order one of these for your new Koll arch top or flattop guitar. 600 series custom.

MAXLINE Flight Case | $350.00
This is a terrific value on a great case. They weigh about as much as a normal hardshell case and offer more protection. Aluminum edges. Foam interior. (interior upgrades available.) MADE IN OREGON

Standard Hardshell Case for Electrics | $194.95
Terrific rectangle case for your new Koll guitar! Available to fit your Glide or Superior solid, or semi hollow guitar. This is the classic TKL 8830

standard gigbag | $145.00
high quality gig bag fit for each type of guitar

Cool Koll Straps | $10.00
Classic design guitar straps featuring the Koll logo. 3" wide black leather straps for ten bucks, and black nylon straps for six. Very comfortable and should last as long as your guitar! These are very high quality made by Levy's Leathers in Canada. Koll logo in gold.

Ultra safe polish cloth | $3.00
These polish cloths were designed to do a great job on nitrocellulose lacquer finishes. use dry, with a little water, or your favorite guitar polish.