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Let us take your dreams from your head to your hands. If you have a concept for a special instrument- we can produce it. We can design to accomodate for physical, sonic, and aesthetic considerations. We have made everthing from straight-ahead strat-style guitars to multi-string extended range freak-outs. The one thing they all have in common is that when complete, they all look and play great, like the "standard models". They don't seem like prototypes.
Email with your wishes. You might be surprised at how affordable even custom Kolls can be.
Have a look at a few of the customs we have made.

Bauer Travel |
Acoustic travel guitar designed for that balance of portability and tone. It is as small as it can be and still retain serious tone. 25" scale. High quality solid wood throughout.

RE 7/6 |

RAS One |
The ultimate thinline. Codesigned with RAS from the Long Beach Dub Allstars. Road and record proven. 24.625" scale mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard. Mother of Pearl block inlays. High quality maple laminate arched back and sides. Composite core for maximum sustain and rich tone. Solid flamed maple sides.

custom eight string |
This is the headstock of a very decorated guitar. We can do what ever you like!

We hand build everything and therefore have the opportunity to make any changes at anytime. If there are features that you want from one model built into a different one, we can do it! Let's design something unique for you.

Micro archtop |
This is a fun one! Imagine if D'Angelico had moved from New York to Hawaii back in the 30's! we might have been looking at things like this! This one was ordered by Sam Kama from Kona. He reports that it is wonderful. I had fun making this one! Call with the specifications of your "dream uKOLLele" Pricing starts at $1500 for a basic no frills model.

Custom Duo |
Check this duo with Fall colors! Rare Mexican Primavera top! We have access to all kinds of exotic woods. let us know what you like!

Naugahyde Tornado |
This is an all Korina JR made for David Torn. (Sorry for the small images, I lifted them from another website.)

DL Thinline |
This instrument was commissioned by Portland musician David Lamkins. We based this on another of his, taking what we liked and adding what he needed, refining as we went along.

Custom 7 string |
Here is a custom 7 made for Mathew Henderson. I think Matte has owned more custom instruments from more custom shops than any one else! I am proud to add to his collection.

What the heck is it?! |

Ukulele set |
Custom orders a specialty. All the tops for these came from a beautiful figured mahogany board from Marc Culbertson. The back and sides came from the same chocolate maple board. The necks from the same highly figured Koa. Etc. This was a fun comission. They are fan-braced like little classical guitars, and sound great! Let us know what we can make for you!

Custom Arch Top |
This instrument was based the Rose City model. Ian Drummond of Seattle ordered this and designed the heasdstock, pickguard, inlays and tailpiece. He liked it so much, he ordered another!

Conti Hofner prototype |
Here is a shot at the 2006 NAMM show of me tuning the prototype 8 string I made for amazing guitar player Robert Conti. (Yes, I'm wearing a tie.)

This Deco inspired guitar was built around some ideas from the legendary guitarist Matte Henderson. Completely original, except for the body outline which was borrowed from those 70's Gibson beasts, L6S and L5S. This one was made sight unseen for a brave and adventureous Joe Kruger of Rochester New York. This one features solid mahogany back and neck, with eastern maple carved top, and brazilian fingerboard. Totally custom made, one-off. Matte has the original one ordered and coming very soon.

A take on the strong designs from Ted McCarty's late 50's pointy creations. Build to suit. KORINA or MAHOGANY

Custom engraved truss rod cover |
I have an ancient engraving machine and can use it to engrave truss rod covers. When you order your guitar, let me know if you want something special. Vintage analog, non digital for best tone! Free for new guitars, $25 for others.

Vee City |
Prepare for liftoff