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The Glide series of electric guitars is an original design that is new yet familiar. It is modern classic. We offer the glide in a variety of configurations with many pickup, binding, trim options. common features include set necks, 12"-14" radius figerboards, and 1 11/16" nut. The Superglide Almightly is the flagship, the top of the line with every conceivable feature including a handcarved top. The DuoGlide is almost as fancy, but features a flat top. The JR Glide is a stripped down single pick up dragster with no frills. The Spectroglide is the 12 string glide guitar and is usually set up in Duo trim. All glide guitars share the same outline and headstock. The difficult decision is which model to choose!
Our Glide Series is available exclusively through Premier Builders Guild (PBG). PBG is a dream team of guitar and amp master builders who’ve chosen to form a guild in order to share insights, creativity and distribution.

Glide models are designed by Saul Koll and built by PBG master builder Gene Baker at the PBG USA workshop in Arroyo Grande, California. Gene was formerly a master builder at Gibson Custom Shop and a senior master builder at Fender Custom shop. Saul and Gene are in close contact at every stage of the build, to ensure flawless execution. Our PBG partnership makes a master built Koll guitar easily accessible at retail stores, and significantly reduces customer wait times. Ask for the Glide series at PBG Platinum Dealers. If you’re a dealer who would like to offer the Glide Series, contact Jimmy Lovinggood, 714-514-0647.

Super Glide Almighty |
Chambered mahogany body with Handcarved figured maple top. Binding on everything. 24.625" scale mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard. Mother of pearl square-thumb inlays. The ultimate electric guitar. Bow down. Repent. Submit. Order. Please contact Jimmy Lovinggood for Glide sales: 714-514-0647

Jr. Glide |
The Jr Glide is the Koll version of the old single P-90 classic. Our Junior features the finest grade seasoned Mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard with pearl dots- Nothing fancy! Wrap-around Pigtail bridge/tailpiece. One single Lollar P-90, no frills or fancy stuff. This is a stripped down HOT ROD. With this guitar there is nothing between your fingers and MASSIVE TONE. Please contact Jimmy Lovinggood for Glide sales: 714-514-0647

Spectro Glide 12 String |
Chambered alder body with figured maple top. Fully adjustable bridge. Mini humbucker pick ups. Ebony fingerboard with MOP dot inlays. "It can sound explosively bright, but also moody and atmospheric-even ethereal" Joe Gore GP March 1999 This is the finest 12 string available anywhere. Please Contact Jimmy Lovinggood for all Glide sales: 714-514-0647

Product Specifications

Superior |
The Superior, while similar in style to the Glide models, features more of a double cut -away. It features a different headstock shape as well. The standard is built with the same solid construction set neck as the others. Standard model features Harmonic Design Z-90 pickups, and Hipshot tremolo. (Hardtail available at no additional cost.) Please contact Jimmy Lovinggood for Glide sales: 714-514-0647

Duo Glide |
The Duo Glide is the most popular of the glide series. It features a chambered mahogany body with a thin flat maple top. Current models feature binding on top, fingerboard and headstock. Usually finished in a two tone. The back , sides, and neck feature attractive shading and the top is finished in a color of your choice. A Bigsby is a popular option. It can be ordered with or without an F-hole. Standard pickups are TV JONES Powertrons, or Lollar Imperial humbuckers.(others available.) Please contact Jimmy Lovinggood for Glide sales: 714-514-0647

Product Specifications

Introducing the TORNADO. It started out as a two pickup JR Glide for David Torn and through much reworking morphed into a superbly versatile and comfortable tone machine. The body outline is the familiar and classic Glide shape. We add arm contouring and a tummy cut so that is melds into your body. The neck is hand carved to an incredibly comfy slim C shape. It measures approximately .8" at the 1st fret and tapers gradually to about .9 at the 12th. The edges of the fingerboard are gently rolled to relieve any sharp edges. This gives it a wonderful "played-in" feel from the start. The 17 fret body join and tapered heel provide excellent access to the upper frets of the set neck. The neck is hand fit into the body using a precision cut mortise for maximum gluing surface. The headstock is a departure from the other Glides. The goal was to have as straight a string pull as possible. We did this while retaining a taste of the classic Glide headstock shape. This is the new classic!( now available by request on other models.) The guitar is finished in nitrocellulose lacquer in a variety of colors. Standard tuners are locking Sperzels. (LSR's are a popular option.) The Hipshot Contour vibrato is standard. It is simply the finest tremolo on the market. The pivot points are hardened steel rods that ride in matching posts for ultra smooth action that will last indefinitely. For maximum travel, a tapered recess is cut into the body behind the bridge. To complete the package a self lubricating delrin nut is custom fit to each guitar. For pickups, we use the finest Lollar P-90's, made just up north from us on Vashon Island. Standard woods are light mahogany body and neck, with Madagascar rosewood fingerboard. Other woods are available. Please contact Jimmy Lovinggood for Glide sales: 714-514-0647