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I've been very fortunate to have the opportunity to have worked with some really cool people over the years. My professional relationships with these musicians have ranged from emergency road repairs for some to constructing several instruments for others, and everything in between!

Some of the more famous people have been Brian Setzer, Elliot Smith, Heatmiser, Dandy Warhols, Randy Travis, Robert Conti, Robert Cray, Dan Fahnle, Aminiature, Eddie Ashworth, Mike Mart,Claw Hammer,Hypermarket, Wyn Davis,Pivot Foots, Mike Watt, Sublime, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Humpers, Eight Foot Tender, Ron Eschete, Sleater Kinney, Team Dresch, Sonic Youth, AC Cotton, Richmond Fontain, UHF, Ralph Pritikin, 30:06, Pete Krebs, Milo Peterson, Rick Bain, Agent Orange, Ziggens, Weaklings,Trunk Federation, John Fruciante, Sissy Face, Fernando, Citizens Utilities, King Black Acid, New Wave Hookers, Orbiter, Everclear, Tom Watson, Solid, and countless others.

I've listed some of the people who play Koll guitars, which model(s) they have, and other info. If you would like to be listed on this page,please contact us and send photos!

Elliott Sharp
A key figure in the avant-garde and experimental music scene in New York City for over thirty years, Sharp has released over sixty-five recordings ranging from blues, jazz, and orchestral music to noise, no wave rock, and techno music. He pioneered ways of applying fractal geometry, chaos theory, and genetic metaphors to musical composition and interaction, as well as the use of computers in live improvisation with his Virtual Stance project of the 1980s. He is an inveterate performer, playing mainly guitar, saxophone and bass clarinet. Sharp has led many ensembles over the years, including the blues-oriented Terraplane and Orchestra Carbon.

Elliott keeps a great road diary on his website, writing about so many great musicians, pieces of music, instruments, venues, cities, travel. Check it out!

RE 7/6

E# official website

David Torn
David Torn is an American composer and guitarist known for the organic blending/manipulation of electronic and acoustic instruments and performance techniques that have an atmospheric or textural quality and effect, along with a particular harmonic richness. He is particularly well known among guitarists for his use and technological influence upon the development of looping effects.
Torn's contributions have been featured in a number of films, including Velvet Goldmine, Adaptation, The Big Lebowski, The Departed, Fur, The Hoax, Kalifornia, Traffic, Reversal of Fortune, Tibet, Three Kings, and so on. In 2006, Torn's film-score for Believe in Me won the Best Score-award at the Jackson Hole Film Festival; in 2005, he composed an evocative score to Friday Night Lights, and in 2003, his score for the film The Order was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Also one of the coolest cats I know.

I made David some Korina Jr's with all kinds of special features. We call these Tornados.


Torn's official website

Click here to listen to David doing his thing with a Koll (9.5 Meg .mp3)
Henry Kaiser
Where to begin with someone like this?
Henry has been there done it all and invented more.
Widely recognized as one of the most creative and innovative guitarists, improvisers, and producers in the fields of rock, jazz and experimental music, California-based musician Henry Kaiser is one of the most extensively recorded as well, having appeared on more than 140 different albums.
If you think a particular musician is good or interesting, I'll bet Henry has played, recorded with or collaborated in some way with that person. Check out the discography on his official website! wow!
Oh yeah, and he often works as a scientist in Antarctica.


Official website

Lee Ranaldo
I am fortunate to be living in Portland, the same town as Sonic Youth's guitar tech Nick Close. After Sonic lost all of their road gear a few years back, Nick was trying to find replacements, and have new guitars reworked to Lee's unique requirements as well as a few new instruments built.


Isaac Brock
Singer-songwriter-guitarist for Modest Mouse.
Here is shot lifted from the pages of the June '05 issue of Esquire magazine. Looking quite dapper in his Wool jacket ($1,085) by D'Squared; cotton shirt($150) by Calvin Klein Collection; wool pinstripe trousers (part of suit, $2,275) by Giorgio Armani.

Isaac also writes a great song!

Spectro Glide 12 String
Duo Glide
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson played with the legendary Sublime and later Long Beach Dub Allstars, and now Shortbus. Other bands he has played with are Ken All Night Rocker, Robbin Dung, and Juice Bros. I used to work on his instruments at World of Strings in Long Beach, CA. When he wanted a custom instrument made over a decade later, he knew where to go!
We made a standard model from his prototype. He is just putting the finishing touches on the new Shortbus record.

Thunder Glide Eric Wilson
Dez Cadena
Here is Dezo displaying borrowed Duo Glide. In my book he is a rock and roll pioneer.
Currently on tour in South America with the Misfits.
Todd Corbett
Todd Corbett plays bass with Alan Charing in the band AC COTTEN. It was with his input that we came up with the Thunderglide Eli Corbett. He is a terrific player with a great ear. Were proud to see him play Koll Guitars.

Thunder Glide Eli Corbett
Tom Watson
Tom is the proud owner or a Koll custom double neck 6/4.
This photo is from last tour with the Pair of Pliers.
Last we heard, Tom was working with his own band. Can't wait to hear it!

Custom double neck
Hershel Yatovitz
Hershel is one of the coolest cats I know. He is recording a new solo record and you can hear cuts off it at his music site.
When he's not chilling in Portland with friends and family, he might be out touring the world with Chris Isaak.

Jr. Glide

Hershel\\\\\\\'s official music site

Joshua Medaris
Joshua Medaris writes and sings some of my favorite songs. He's the fella on the left in this photo.

Super Glide Almighty

Citizens Utilities

Robert Conti
Robert had ordered a seven string from one of my early mentors at the World of Strings, Glen Mers. Glen was moving to Ohio when Robert was inventing his eight string guitar and needed someone to build it. I was really lucky to have been there! This was one of my earliest "name " commissions and to this day one of which I am most proud. Conti is an incredible player

eight string tele style


Jeff Fieldhouse
Jeff sings and plays guitar in Eight Foot Tender
Formerly the lead guitarist of two Long Beach, CA bands; The Humpers(on indie labels: Epitaph Records and Sympathy for the Record Industry) and The Suicide Kings.
One of the finest songwriters you will ever hear.
Here he holds his custom JFTRG model. (JEFF FIELDHOUSE TOTAL ROCK GUITAR)
(Thanks Anton for photo)

Harris Thurmond
Harris plays several Koll guitars. He has a JR Glide with the first or at least one of the first Electroflux pickups. In fact, The current Electroflux model in the superior and Jr. (as an option) was developed by Harris and TV jones. They sent pick ups back and forth until they were satisfied. I order that last version. Harris also has a really cool Duo with a Bigsby and another without. Harris played with Hammerbox, and Anodyne and his guitar can be heard on many other bands' albums. His current work is Orbiter. He plays on the current Sanford Arms CD.
Harris has recently ordered a Super Glide.
Curt Kirkwood
The Meat Puppets were a huge influence on me and remain a favorite. ( I just replaced my long worn out copy of Up on the Sun!)
Mike Happolt, Skunk records founder, loaned Curt his personal Superglide for a new recording. It features Bud Gaugh on drums and Jon Ziggen (who borrowed one of Eric Wilson's Thunderglide for the session) Mike sent this photo and said:
"...curt said the guitar was blessed and used it on every single song."

That sure made my day!
Curt is my guitar hero.
Thanks Mike, and Curt!

Super Glide Almighty
Patrick Matera
You have heard Patrick's fanstasic guitar playing with Katy Perry for the last several years. Before that you probably saw him with Moby.

Duo Glide
Kyle G Otis
Kyle plays guitar in the band Sugar Shack. He has two JR.s
He lives in Texas.
Kyle has cool amplifiers.
Kyle rocks.

Jr. Glide

estrus records

Margaret Slovak
Margaret's instrumental music is an intriguing blend of jazz, classical, and ethnic elements.
Kenny Werner says" Margaret slovak's music is a complete statement. Beautiful guitar playing and deeply personal and resonant original compositions."
We designed a smaller arch top together featuring inlays drawn by Margaret.

Custom made arch top

Margaret Slovak website

Jim Mesi
A Pacific Northwest favorite. He has recordings with others as well as under his own name. Jim played that cool lick on Secret Agent Man way back when. Jim plays a variety of instruments that we maintain, including a Totally Custom "Stratish" Koll that Lonnie Gilbertson and friends put together for him. Go to his website and find the guitar with the most flame....
It was fun to be on that project!

Jim Mesi official website

Ras played guitar with the Long Beach Dub Allstars and now Shortbus. We designed a special guitar for him that is big like an archtop, has a core, but no f-holes. You can find it in the Customs section of our site

Greg Daniels
Greg is OG rocker from the LBC, and Santa Barbara. I met him years ago when and recently ran into him again. His current band is the HUTDWELLERS, based in San Francisco. He has a day job selling some of the finest brushes. (artist brushes)

Duo Glide

The Hut Dwellers

Mike Moe
Overheard in a women's bathroom at the Casbah,"I just met Mike Moe, and he plays in THREE bands!" Mike owns "Duo glide (001)" a Superior, and has Bridgetown on order. Mike is one of my closest friends.
Here Moe plays his Duoglide with one of his many bands. (See Dez Cadena on other guitar.)

Duo Glide
Greg Odell
Greg Odell plays a Koll ThunderGlide Ali. Here he is with Glen Brunton.

Thunder Glide Ali

Greg\'s site!

Jeff & Berry Trammers
The Trammer brothers have been playing Koll Guitars since 1993. That was the year someone stole their Fender.

The Trammer Brothers Band mixes Tennessee Mountain Stomp Music with modern New Age Sound Scapes.
Josh Colow
Earlier this year we shipped Josh his new total custom Duo Glide. Here is what he said:
Last night I played a gig with John Sebastion and Eric Weisberg for a
Christmas solstice concert they do every year. Also Artie Traum and his
brother played along with Levon Helms daughter who is a great singer and
beautiful to boot.I brought my Duo
Glide and my Tweed Deluxe. No pedals, no reverb, guitar and amp in their
purest state (when I do pop gigs I play a million effects).

The Duo Glide just blew me away. I can't believe how I love this guitar.
I look at it in the morning like it's a new baby. It's crazy. I get
excited at the idea of messing with it in rehearsals figuring out all
the variations I can get out of it. This gig was a lot of blues and
finger style stuff I do. It was frightening how right on the Duo Glide
was not to mention all the thumbs up from all my fellow musician friends
when they just looked at it.

Josh's next guitar is an all Korina, (that's Kollina around here) Jr/Duo with P-90's. It will kill.
Mike Squires
Mike has played a a variety of cool bands including LOADED, which features Duff from GnR. Other bands he has played/toured/recorded with are: Nevada Bachelors, Harvey Danger, Jon Auer (of Posies), Alien Crime Syndicate. (I'm sure there are others I am forgeting.)
Mike is currently recovering from a pretty serious accident and planning his next mission.
We are just completing a new guitar for his next big thing.

Duo Glide
Ron Bauer
On sabbatical. Not Hot, New Mosquitos, Ron bauer Experience , Websters. Has Duo, a super early Duo, 002! And a Superglide and an acoustic travel guitar. Currently looking for Elvis all around the world check out his site
In this photo he plays a holiday gig with NOT HOT

Super Glide Almighty
travel acoustic

Looking For Elvis

Tim Mathews
Tim plays in a cool rock band called the Wanna-Bes and has just put out an album on the Look Out label. They rock. His guitar is something he designed and features everything he liked about Moserite and SGs.

Total custom Moserite/SG rock guitar

Lan Mosher
Guitarist Lan Mosher led bands and taught guitar on
the East Coast before moving to Washington in 1989.
He has performed in Seattle area clubs, including
Tula's, the Hopvine, and others with the Emerald City
Jazz Quintet, his own combos, and the Sentimental
Journey big band. He has appeared at the Seattle
Folklife Festival and the Oysterville Summer Fest. He
is one of the founders of the Seattle Jazz Guitar
Society and appeared with its Jazz Guitar Quartet
often performing his own compositions and
arrangements. He has studied with Don Lanphere and
Ron Eschete.

New Rose
Rafael Attias
Rafael founded the infamous Providence band Los Platanos while attending RISD.
Currently playing guitar for Honeybunch, a band founded by The Velvet Crush's extraordinary guitarman Jeffrey Underhill and his lovely and talented wife Lisa. A new EP is out on the Bus Stop Label
Rafael is also recording and producing the second Lakuna album with drummer David Narcizo of The Throwing Muses, the album will likely be out next year on 4AD records.
We are currently discussing a P-90 guitar for Rafael.

Jr. Glide
Shahzad Ismaily
Multi instrumentalist, pure musician.
David Torn introduced us many years ago. I've had the pleasure of visiting with Shahzad on several of his Portland visits.
He is equally gifted on guitar, on bass, on keys, on drums. Incredibly gifted. I'm so proud to have him as a Koll guitar player.
Currently working on the new M. Ward record.

Mick Chegwidden
Mick is a super talented picker and i'm proud that his main mandolin for the last decade is one I made.
Mick Chegwidden’s fast mando, guitar, dobro and banjo licks have been rocking stages big and small for over two decades now. Born in Bethlehem, Pa., a small town nestled in the Alleghanys, this player cut his teeth on old time country and hill-billy music. He played his first gig at the age of seven and has answered the call to the stage ever since. Regardless of style or instrument, Mick’s distinctive sound stands out in every song he performs.

custom solidbody mandolin

Mick Chegwidden website

AG Donnaloia
AG is currently ripping it up with Liv Warfield.
Lauded for his exquiste guitar tone - a dark warm timbre reminisent of Wes Montgomery and George Benson, he has been featured in Just Jazz Magazine and a featured artist in the Jazz Society of Oregon. He has also been recognized and awarded during many competitions and festivals as a member of the renowned jazz program at Mt. Hood Community College in his earlier years.

Super Glide Almighty

AG's site, check it out!

John Edelmann
“King approved tone, a firm grasp of Chicago blues vocabulary” -
Guitar Player Magazine

“His lines bring to mind the swagger of Jimmie Vaughan”
Northeast Blues Society

“Lends so much more than backup”
Blues Revue

John Edelman has been ripping it up with various artists from Chicago to New York to Florida and beyond. HIs work with Little Al Thomas is especially cool. I am so pleased to have John make his music with Koll Guitars.

Read more at this website:

Jr. Glide
Super Glide Almighty
Fullerton Superior
Bruce Fernbaugh
rock out big guy!

Bruce plays with The Imposters. In the mid 80's was a founding member of the highly influential San Diego band The Websters

custom More Saul
Dean Fletcher

Fullerton Heritage Varieties
Jay Hardtke
Multi talented roots rocker with the largest collection of Gretsch guitars and Standel amplifiers I've ever seen. He owns a cool sparkle Koll Baritone and has a matching Superglide on the way.
My favorite musician from El Paso.
Jay has been recording a new CD with all vintage stuff with some heavy hitting players. Check him out!

Super Glide Almighty
Baritone prototype

Jay's myspace music site

David Hunter

Saul Koll
Saul makes these things...

Kolvane myspace

Zak Kramer
Starting 'em young!
Happy Father's day!

Duo Glide
Rochester, NEW YORK's:The "kid" .
Total rocker with his new JR Glide. Plays the heck out of Scorpions and other classic hard rock.
We start 'em young.
(Thanks for the great shot, JOE)
Christopher Mulhauser
coming soon..

Duo Glide
Ralph Pritikin
Making the world safe for bad ass jazz via Brazil and Portland.
Smoking hot player and super sweet guy.
Here he is in the shop with his New Rose arch top.

New Rose
John Rachlin
Check out John, rocking out at the legenday Whisky a GoGo!
John says:
As the guitarist and singer for the Los Angeles based rock band RACH, I was looking for a guitar that would be comfortable to play on stage, look great, and have the sonic definition to cut through a live mix when playing power chords. My Duo Glide with TV Jones Classics fits that bill perfectly. The guitars gives me jangly cleans and great string definition when pounding out power chords. It also records really well. It's become the main guitar I use.

Duo Glide
Cliff Scholle
Rips it up in the water and on the strings. Check him out rocking Santa Barbara!

Super Glide Almighty
Other Players

And many more. The list is growing. Join us!

Nick Alexander
Sauldy Bald
Joan Bull
Kevin Callais
Tim Collins
Edward Davis
Michael Dolsey
Ian Drummond
Scott Eaves
Robert Gaulke
Kevin Haeusser
John Hannam
Matte Henderson
John Horan
Larry Hull
Ryan Iles
Bill Jennings
Eli Johnson
Thermos "Big Chicken" Jones
Taron Keim
David Lamkins
Mark Lee
John Lee
Brian Lundstrom
Tom Macomber
Alan Maly
Richard Martin
Mike Moe
Joe Morgan
Paul Moses
Uday Narasimham
Nick Nichols
Ralph Patt
Ricci Paul
Milo Peterson
Jacob Peterson
Nigel Phillips
John Pilon
Ken Rosser
Chris Sebastian
Bob Shoemaker
Kevin Shows
Dave Sorlein
Richard Strachan
Anthony Truglio
Rich Wright
Brook Young