It started out as a two-pickup Junior Glide custom guitar for David Torn and through much reworking morphed into a superbly versatile and comfortable tone machine. The body outline is the familiar and classic Glide shape. We added arm contouring and a tummy cut so that is melds into your body. The neck is hand-carved to an incredibly comfy slim C shape. It measures approximately .8" at the 1st fret and tapers gradually to about .9 at the 12th. The edges of the fingerboard are gently rolled to relieve any sharp edges. This gives it a wonderful "played-in" feel from the start. The 17-fret body join and tapered heel provide excellent access to the upper frets of the set neck. The neck is hand fit into the body using a precision cut mortise for maximum gluing surface.

The headstock is a departure from the other Glides. The goal was to have as straight a string pull as possible. We did this while retaining a taste of the classic Glide headstock shape. The guitar is finished in nitrocellulose lacquer in a variety of colors. Standard tuners are open back locking Hipshots. Hipshot Contour vibrato Schroeder wraparound are standard, other options include a Mann 2020 vibrato, or the Mastery bridge/trem system. For pickups, we use our Arcane KP-90, Lollar Imperials, and others. Standard woods are light mahogany body and neck, or limba, with rosewood fingerboard. 

This is a players guitar, pure and simple. Ships in a deluxe Koll G&G Custom hardshell case.

MSRP: $3,800 base


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